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The Internet Entitlement Culture

The Internet, the World Wide Web, is a fascinating laboratory of human nature. Perhaps because of the relative anonymity of the Internet, people more readily act on their desires. The Internet may provide insight into the perennial question of whether … Continue reading

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Football Explains Everything

Football, absurdly named “soccer” in the U.S., is the most popular sport in the world. Many Americans don’t get it – both the sport and the passion everyone else in the world has for it. “It’s hard to explain to … Continue reading

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Facebook Fake Activism

I ran across an old but still interesting article online entitled Out with the Community Group, In with the Facebook Fan Group. The author, Steven D. Bennett, makes the interesting argument that online social media detracts from rather than assists … Continue reading

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In Praise of Simple Pleasures

John Stuart Mill emphasized the quality of pleasures in response to Jeremy Bentham’s notion that all sources of pleasure are intrinsically equal. Bentham had quipped that a child’s game was just as good as the art of poetry if it … Continue reading

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The False Freedom of Flippancy

Conformity Comes in Many Costumes It is a common conception, especially in young people, that having an “attitude” brings independence and freedom. I call them the “Too Cool to Care” crowd. Whether it is being a slacker, punk, goth, counter-culture, … Continue reading

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