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Brief Statement on Professor Rebecca Tuvel’s Paper in Hypatia

It is reprehensible that certain people have attempted to bully an academic journal into retracting a peer-reviewed paper because they disagree with an author’s argument and conclusions. What these certain people attempted to do is censorship, plain and simple, and … Continue reading

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Partisan Point Scoring Instead of Listening

I once presented a paper at an informal colloquium to a mix of faculty and students. I offered a complex argument using multiple philosophers to critique another’s position. At the end of my presentation, a PhD student eagerly asked “you … Continue reading

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We Do Not Observe a Hypothesis or Not All Laws Are Reality

We do not observe a hypothesis, we observe phenomena and we try to interpret and explain the phenomena by using a hypothesis. That means that good science understands that a hypothesis could be a mistaken belief that incorrectly interprets the … Continue reading

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Descartes’ Cogito As Intuition

It is a classic mistake of lazy thinking to believe that Descartes’ Cogito–“I think therefore I am”–is an argument. It isn’t but it is not surprising how people are fooled by the surface appearance of the phrase. The book Descartes’ … Continue reading

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Habermas Opens Up to Religion?

At least that’s what Stanley Fish says in Does Reason Know What it is Missing?. It is a good article on Jurgen Habermas (who doesn’t get much mention in the media) and on the strengths and limitations of reason. It … Continue reading

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