As a college philosophy professor, I am troubled by the lack of good Internet philosophy resources for undergraduates. On a separate but ultimately related subject, I am also troubled by the state of philosophy today. I cannot hope to solve either one of these issues all by myself, but I can certainly try to contribute what I can.

Hence, my idea for this Web site to try to respond to those shortcomings. I idealistically refuse to call it a blog—I am jaded by the tone and quality of so many of the sites that go by that label. What I hope to accomplish is a contribution to the study of philosophy on several scholarly levels, advancing students’ understanding of philosophy and also humbly adding to the advancement of philosophy itself. Ambitious? Yes. Arrogant? Perhaps. But nothing is accomplished by doing nothing.

Everything written on this site is my own words and thoughts and does not reflect any school where I have taught or any organization to which I belong.

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  1. Kevin Stern says:

    I have a suggestion for a bit. The abuses, misuse, and failure to understand logical fallacies by atheists…

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