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The Other and Wisdom

To be able to imagine the other, and the experience of the other, was what wisdom was all about. — Alexander McCall Smith .

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The Meaning of Heresy

The word “heretic” has become synonymous with unorthodox with an insinuation of cult-like behavior. But look at the etymology of the word: HERESY – “In ancient Greek, the verb ‘hairein,’ meaning ‘to take,’ gave rise to the adjective ‘hairetos’ ‘able … Continue reading

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Double Positive

During a lecture the Oxford linguistic philosopher J. L. Austin made the claim that although a double negative in English implies a positive meaning, there is no language in which a double positive implies a negative. To which Columbia University … Continue reading

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Long Forgotten, if Ever Remembered

Philosophers should be judged not by the quantity of titles behind their names but the quality of thought behind their ideas. It is interesting to note how most of the great philosophers in history were not in the academy, not … Continue reading

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