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I Give You the Übermensch

One of the most notoriously misunderstood concepts in the history of philosophy is Friedrich Nietzsche’s Übermensch. The word “Übermensch” is too often mistranslated into English as “superman” but the German “Über” means “over” not “super” and that distinction is crucial … Continue reading

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The Non-expanding Universe

The cosmologists tell us the universe is expanding. However, if the universe had been expanding for 12+ billion years then we would see certain easily noticeable evidence. The expanding universe theory predicts that as space expands the matter within the … Continue reading

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The Internet Entitlement Culture

The Internet, the World Wide Web, is a fascinating laboratory of human nature. Perhaps because of the relative anonymity of the Internet, people more readily act on their desires. The Internet may provide insight into the perennial question of whether … Continue reading

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