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When Atheism Becomes Bigotry

Is there any real difference between these two statements? A. Black people are stupid. B. Religious people are irrational. Of course not. Oh, I know, I can hear the militant atheist now with their excuse: “But religious people are irrational!” … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Berkeley

Perhaps no philosophy is more prone to misunderstanding and misinterpretation than George Berkeley (pronounced /barklee/). There are two problematic areas of Berkeley’s philosophy. First is that his theory of “immaterialism”—that we have no proof that matter exists—offends common sense. Second … Continue reading

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Hobbes: A Material Theist

Thomas Hobbes is best known for his political theory of the Leviathan and to a lesser extent for his theories on empiricism. Both Hobbes’ political and empirical theories are founded on his belief that there exists nothing but matter. There … Continue reading

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