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Kepler Destroys the Universe

It is almost impossible for us today to appreciate the profound effect of Kepler’s theory of planetary motion (published in 1609). It was always an unquestioned assumption that everything in the heavens was pristine and perfect and that meant that … Continue reading

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What is Grotesque?

Aesthetics is an under-appreciated branch of philosophy. Usually discussed under the rubric of philosophy of art, aesthetics in its broad sense is the discussion of beauty–what it is and how it is perceived. Beauty is the positive side of aesthetics … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Existence

“Knowledge is always abstract but existence is always concrete.” – Soren Kierkegaard . . .

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In Praise of Simple Pleasures

John Stuart Mill emphasized the quality of pleasures in response to Jeremy Bentham’s notion that all sources of pleasure are intrinsically equal. Bentham had quipped that a child’s game was just as good as the art of poetry if it … Continue reading

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Spinoza’s Proposition 1.5

Many students have trouble understanding Spinoza’s Proposition 1.5 and exactly what it is he is trying to prove. Here is what Spinoza said: In Nature there cannot be two or more substances having the same nature or attribute. If there … Continue reading

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