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The False Freedom of Flippancy

Conformity Comes in Many Costumes It is a common conception, especially in young people, that having an “attitude” brings independence and freedom. I call them the “Too Cool to Care” crowd. Whether it is being a slacker, punk, goth, counter-culture, … Continue reading

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Atheism is Illogical, Part Two: Words Have Meanings

One of the things I loathe about the irrational behavior of Christian Fundamentalists is when I show them what their Bible says and they refuse to acknowledge it. It is hypocritical to see in writing words that prove you are … Continue reading

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Does anyone do any original philosophy anymore?

I am often invited to attend various lectures and presentations on philosophy—e-mail is a wonderful medium for spreading such news. Today I was invited to a talk entitled: “”An Inconsistency in B**** and H****’s Account of the Status of W****’s … Continue reading

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Science as Religion

I recommend the article What’s wrong with science as religion where Mr. Giberson first gives an excellent example of what I meant by the childish arrogance of atheism in my earlier essay and then offers a good analysis of science … Continue reading

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Racism is not just ignorance, it is weakness. Racism is a product of a person who fears those who are different and chooses to hide behind false view of others rather than face the reality of how others actually are.

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