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Beyond the Stars

Note: I wrote this for a now defunct Web site three years ago. Though the specifics are dated, the overall philosophy is not. Partly human nature, but mostly a product of corporate media, we are bombarded with the message that … Continue reading

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Defending Nietzsche Contra Žižek

Slavoj Žižek claimed: “Is it not too simple to relieve Nietzsche of responsibility by claiming that the Nazis distorted his thought? Of course they did, but so did Stalinism distort Marx, so was every theory changed (betrayed) in its practico-political … Continue reading

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“Over-parenting” as Narcissism

Saw an old but still interesting article on today: The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting about how children are being overly coddled by “helicopter parents.” FTA: “in the 1990s something dramatic happened, and the needle went way past the red … Continue reading

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Atheism is Illogical, Part One: Atheism is a Belief and a Truth Claim

Immediately, I wish to counter several strawman assumptions some may make about an essay with this title. This essay is NOT an apologetic. It does NOT assert that God exists or attempt to persuade the reader to accept any religious … Continue reading

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