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Kant’s Sixth Proof of God

Immanuel Kant definitively demonstrated in his writings that no proof or disproof of the existence of god could be fashioned from pure reason. He showed that all the five standard rational proofs of god are inadequate to prove the case. … Continue reading

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Beethoven and Philosophy

Many people are unaware of the fact that Beethoven’s tremendous musical innovation was in part influenced by the incredible innovation occurring in German philosophy at that time. A brief interview that appeared on The Philosopher’s Zone radio show gives some … Continue reading

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Dr. Susan Haack, U. of Miami, “Six Signs of Scientism” lecture video

Dr. Susan Haack, of the University of Miami gave a lecture at the University of Western Ontario’s Rotman Institute of Philosophy. Her lecture, titled Six Signs of Scientism, engaged Scientism, the view that natural science is the most authoritative way … Continue reading

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The Arbitrariness of Units of Time

In the Gregorian calendar, today marks the new year. It is not the new year in any other calendar of which there are dozens. This is not insignificant. Although the “new year” is celebrated with fanfare and increased alcohol consumption, … Continue reading

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