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On the Beliefs of Others

To theists and atheists alike: If you are comfortable in your own beliefs then you are not threatened by the beliefs of others. Anger and opposition to the beliefs of others only serves to illustrate your own insecurities.

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Essay on Libertarianism

A surprisingly insightful and intelligent response to the pseudo-philosophy known as Libertarianism, the essay, “Libertarianism: The Hottest Thing in Irrationality” appears in the student newspaper of Kennesaw State University. Quite surprising to see real intellectual content considering most content in … Continue reading

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Critchley – What is a Philosopher?

The New York Times has recognized the existence of philosophy. Once every few years the Corporate Media remembers that philosophy exists and this must be our blue moon lucky appearance. The New York Times says they are beginning a regular … Continue reading

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This is not a blog.

As a college philosophy professor, I am troubled by the lack of good Internet philosophy resources for undergraduates. On a separate but ultimately related subject, I am also troubled by the state of philosophy today. I cannot hope to solve … Continue reading

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The Current State of Philosophy

The course I teach most frequently is Introduction to Philosophy. As required by the standard curriculum and expectations, “Intro” is rooted in the history of Western philosophy—we study a bunch of old dead white guys. As we should, because the … Continue reading

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